The Goal

With purpose & integrity as an artist, automatically create, release, and promote an efficient, unlistenable revenue-generating "album" MVP on streaming music services. 
I humbly embrace the crumbs of Universal Basic Royalties from the tables of the music giants.
The Album

A four-track release. Three tracks are procedurally generated, and one is audio from a camcorder recording of a song I wrote as a child. This audio is poor quality, but meaningful as it would be the foundation for two songs released on my 2003 album, Not A Victim.
The Release

In this testing phase, playing the album on repeat with my own Spotify account and creating an accompanying website (under construction). 
I'd love for you to join me!

Currently awaiting initial stats (2-3 month delay) in September from Spotify. Grassroots marketing campaign to follow. 
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