The Goal

With purpose & integrity as an artist, to efficiently create, release, and promote an unlistenable revenue-generating album MVP on streaming music services as my robot alter ego, StephTheGeek. Proceeds will fund future (human) recording efforts.
I humbly embrace the crumbs of Universal Basic Royalties from the tables of the music giants.
The Album

A four-track release. Three tracks are procedurally generated, and one is audio from a camcorder recording of a song I wrote as a child. This audio is poor quality, but meaningful as it would be the foundation for two songs released on my 2003 album, Not A Victim.
The Release - June 29 2020

2020 goals:
• play the album (track 1) on repeat ■■■■■
• complete promo website ■■□□□

Initial stats:

Bank tab on, Oct 26th 2020

Exciting! With a 2-3 month earnings reporting lag, the details & payout don't come quickly, but clearly the experiment is working. 
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